R-Paul Consulting specializes in refining cardiology departments with the purposes of accelerating growth, containing costs, promoting productivity, and integrating technology.


What do you find valuable and how can I deliver it to you?

To be completely transparent: information is what drives my success.


Below are a few recent examples of how I add value to my contacts:


  1. Renegotiated service contracts saving employer $380K over 60 month term.
  2. By researching and switching biowaste management to a consulting firm, I was able to cut annual service expenses by $12K.
  3. Established cost-effective, compliant means of disposing expired pharmaceuticals, including those found on the 'P-list.'
  4. Fostered a close rapport with GPO exlusive vendors resulting in the savings of $639K over a six year span.
  5. Installed and configured nuclear reporting software that resulted in Technologists better utilization of downtime.
  6. Implemented wide-beam reconstruction workstations to benefit from 'low-dose' myocardial perfusion imaging protocols which resulted in cost-savings by switching to a billable per-millicurie rate (away from single-dose) with our local radiopharmacy.
  7. Established, and continue to highly value, close business rapports with various ISO certified medical equipment resellers that result in significant savings over OEM's.
  8. Implemented extremely cost-effective VNA's (vendor neutral archive) allowing them to be primarily used as viewing stations, redundant storage mediums, and for burning patients studies (CD/DVD) with a decent quality DICOM viewer.
  9. Within driving distance to MedShare, a 501c3 non-profit that provides medical supplies and equipment to globally impoverished areas, I've personally arranged for $25K worth of cardiology equipment to be donated.
  10. Aggresively monitor medical supplier(s) costs to account for inflation resulting in massive savings.
  11. Established multiple leads at a client sponsored booth during ASNC/SNMMI conventions.
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