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Yossi Srour - President and CEO, UltraSPECT

It was my great pleasure to know Ryan Paul over the past 10 years. Ryan was one of the first customers I personally visited shortly after joining UltraSPECT. This intelligent young man with high motivation to succeed impressed me from the first minute.


Since our first meeting in 2007, we have been collaborating in different levels. Ryan became UltraSPECT's super user due to his ability to explore the envelop performance of the products. His vast knowledge in computers science, medical technologists and clinical applications, as well as his desire to learn, helped us much. He started by using one unit while currently he uses 4 units.


Ryan became our application consultant. Based on his availability, Ryan has trained a few new important customers of UltraSPECT. In every new complicated site, the first name that pops in to my head is Ryan's. He also joined us at our booth at the national meetings of SNMMI and ASNC.  


In his current position, Ryan is responsible for 8 nuclear imaging sites at Atlanta Heart Specialists. These sites are highly efficient due to his personal efforts, in almost every level.

In addition to his vast knowledge, Ryan is enthusiastic, loyal, honest, and dependable.


I highly recommend having him involved in your business.


Sidney Draper - Chief Nuclear Technologist
I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan for several years. He is extremely knowledgeable in nuclear cardiology imaging, billing and computer enhancement. He has been a tremendous help to my practice.  I refer to him with any concerns I have regarding any questions regarding nuclear cardiology and UltraSpect. His background is very diverse and extends in multiple medical modalities. I can recommend his services to anyone in the nuclear cardiology world and other medical or computer modalities. Ryan is very cordial and has a great personality and I continue to seek his advice on many medical issues. 


Mack Burris - RT(R)(N)

Ryan is an innovator, He understands the techniticities of not just the patient care aspect but the clinical outcome. 
He has supplied me with a wealth of both real world and scientific data streams on our half time and quarter time product. 
I recommend Ryan as a current and long term online and real time 
NM professional that gets things done. 
He is also a decent percussionist.


Perry Collins - GE Product Specialist

Ryan’s many years in the Nuclear Medicine business, combined with the relationships he has forged with many companies in the Molecular Imaging Industry, have set him aside as an outstanding consultant.  I have found his efforts to stay abreast of the most current information and technology to be of the highest order.  His work ethic and outgoing personality complete his resume’ as a person who not only is experienced but is also genuinely caring of his clients.

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