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A classic case of SPECT based myocardial perfusion imaging underestimating the presence of severe CAD. 67 Y/O male with a history of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, abnormal EKG, and shortness of breath. Baseline EKG shows a right bundle-branch block. Peak stress shows diffuse ST depression. Perfusion images depict mild reversibilities inferior, inferolaterally with a normal ejection fraction at 60%. Because of the ischemic EKG response with exercise, a calcium scoring scan was performed which was a whopping 5300 (ideally you want 0).



Kaufman Hall releases yet another in-depth financial analysis based off 900 national Hospitals.

Key points when compared to 2020:
1. Hospitals continue to operate at razor thin margins.
2. Total expenses are up 18%
3. Labor expenses are up 21%
3. Supply costs are up 12%
4. Drug expenses are up 12%

KH Hospital 2023
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New business idea: real-time wireless, 4G/5G dosimeters accessible to the general public. Why? Read this article!



32% of Georgia's hospitals are at risk for closure over the next year. In other states such as Hawaii, Connecticut, and Alabama, more than half of the hospitals could possibly be shutting their doors.

The alarm bells should surely be ringing within Congress?

With post-pandemic healthcare needs in high demand, how will the remaining institutions adjust to this growing lack of accessibility?



Latest case study of a proximal-to-mid 100% LAD occlusion. 69 year-old male with complaints of upper back, neck, shoulder pains. Transient ventricular tachycardia occurred during exercise. Septal/high-lateral EKG ST elevation and reciprocal ST depression was seen at peak. TID was abnormal at 1.3. Ejection fraction was preserved at 52%, however there was an anteroseptal wall-motion/thickening abnormality present.

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